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Parking Penalty Fines: VAT Taxable Supply or Contractual Damages?

September 02 2013

In the recent case of Vehicle Control Services Limited v HM Revenue & Customs [2013] the Court of Appeal considered whether Vehicle Control Services Limited were liable to pay VAT on parking penalty charges. The Court of Appeal overruled the decision of the Upper Tier Tax   Read More…

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Case Study: Taxpayer successfully appeals HMRC’s Penalty for late payment of PAYE

August 13 2013

The First-tier Tribunal’s (“FTT”) recent decision in CED Ltd v Her Majesty Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) raises a significant argument for those having to meet pay-as-you-earn (“PAYE”) tax liabilities without fear of late payment penalties. What are HMRC PAYE Late Payment Penalties? The   Read More…

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Plumber found guilty of cheating the revenue

May 17 2012

A Plumber has been found guilty of tax evasion totalling some £112,000 over a 14-year period. Mr Peter Mack, 59, of Ringwood set up a freelance plumbing business in 1997, but never registered his earning with HM Revenue & Customs. Enquiries made   Read More…

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Exposed 500,000 face big offshore tax penalties

June 10 2011

HM Revenue & Customs says it has uncovered 500,000 people with money in offshore tax havens who could face severe financial penalties if they have used them to evade tax. The Revenue is using enforced data-sharing with banks, information from whistleblowers and   Read More…

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