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Fast food establishments to be targeted for VAT

July 17 2011

HMRC have launched a drive against fast food establishments as a part of their effort to recover unpaid VAT. HMRC claims that it has evidence that certain fast food establishments are submitting false tax records. To curtail this, the revenue department has   Read More…

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HMRC in tax evasion probe

June 08 2011

Taxi drivers and chip shop owners are among those being investigated by tax inspectors over offshore bank accounts and evasion. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has identified around half a million Britons using offshore accounts, it was revealed. An official has said   Read More…

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Public sector fraud taskforce prepares zero-tolerance crackdown

June 08 2011

The government is to set up a new counter-fraud network to identify career fraudsters who target the public sector, contributing to £21bn of taxpayers’ money leaking out of the system illegally. Ministers say 3p in every pound spent by the government is   Read More…

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Tax hit-squads target restaurants

May 25 2011

Restaurant owners in the north west are being targeted by a hit squad set up by by HM Revenue to tackle tax dodgers. The move follows the government’s pledge to invest £900m to combat tax evasion, avoidance and fraud with a goal   Read More…

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