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‘Booze Brothers’ Jailed Over £6.4m Alcohol Duty Tax Fraud

November 05 2013

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have investigated and captured two brothers from Scunthorpe, Inderjit & Amandeep Mangher, who attempted to dodge £6.4 million in excise duty by selling tax-free wine, beer and spirits intended for export. The brothers were jailed after HMRC officers found   Read More…

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MTIC VAT Fraudster Ordered to Pay £13 million

October 21 2013

A London man has been ordered to pay £13 million to HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) or face a further 10 years in prison. Mr Sandeep Singh Dosanjh was the leader of a criminal gang who cheated the taxpayer out of £38 million through a   Read More…

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HMRC & CPS Prosecute Shisha Tobacco Smuggling Gang

October 16 2013

Six tobacco smugglers have been sentenced at the Old Bailey after being involved in illegal importation of shisha tobacco into the United Kingdom.  The arrests came after HM Revenue & Customers  (“HMRC”) amounted their biggest ever investigation into contraband shisha tobacco. The operation began   Read More…

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MTIC Fraud: VAT Fraudster Ordered to Pay £14 million

September 09 2013

Nasir Khan, who was convicted in 2011 for his role in a Value Added Tax (VAT) fraud, has now been ordered by the Crown Court to pay back £14 million within nine months or face extended jail time.  Mr Khan was once shortlisted for the   Read More…

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