Fast food establishments to be targeted for VAT

HMRC have launched a drive against fast food establishments as a part of their effort to recover unpaid VAT.

HMRC claims that it has evidence that certain fast food establishments are submitting false tax records. To curtail this, the revenue department has put together a task force which will target such evaders. This is after a similar task force targeted the restaurant trade in London.

Three similar taskforces have been launched by HMRC since May 2011 and further nine taskforces are planned to target similar trades.  These taskforces have been funded by the £900 million promised by the government to tackle tax related infringements.

HMRC have recently adopted a collaborative strategy encouraging a non-confrontational approach to any possible dispute.

Our Tax Disputes professionals are available to give information and advice for businesses that have received letters from HMRC targeting your business. To contact one of our specialist VAT Lawyers please click here or call 02071830529.

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