HMRC Enforcement Action

HMRC can enforce tax debts in a number of ways and it is imperative that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to protect your position.

If you have received a statutory demand, you must act quickly (usually within 18 days) if you hope to avoid HMRC bankrupting you as an individual or applying for a winding up petition if you are a company. With debt enforcement by HMRC it is inevitable that unless action is taken the demand will eventually lead to the presentation of a winding up or bankruptcy petition.

Our tax team work closely with our insolvency team to manage the HMRC enforcement process for you. Many specialist tax firms cannot offer dual expertise in both practice areas, but our firm can provide a bespoke solution to your individual circumstances be it with tax advice or insolvency solutions.

Instruct specialist HMRC Debt Enforcement Lawyers

Our specialist HMRC Debt Enforcement Solicitors and Barristers deliver expert technical knowledge, strong negotiation skills and respected advice, which can make a pronounced difference to eventual tax penalties, charges and liability.

We provide urgent advice and representation to clients from our unique expert team of established HMRC debt action specialist solicitors and barristers with a proven track record of delivering authoritative results. Just call us on 0207 1830 529, or email [email protected].

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