Taxpayer Appeal Allowed – HMRC’s Approach to Penalties Criticised

In a recent dispute between H&H Contract Scaffolding Limited (H&H) and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) [2024] UKFTT 00151 (TC), concerning a research and development (R&D) tax relief claim, significant insights were revealed into HMRC‘s approach to penalties. The case sheds light on the complexities surrounding penalties for alleged “careless behaviour” and raises questions about HMRC’s default stance in such matters.


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H&H Contract Scaffolding Limited (H&H) v The Commissioners for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

H&H engaged advisers to prepare an R&D tax relief claim, which HMRC disputed. Ultimately, H&H accepted the claim as invalid, leading to a dispute over a penalty imposed by HMRC for alleged careless behaviour. The crux of the issue lay in HMRC’s contention that H&H had acted carelessly by failing to qualify for the R&D tax relief. The tribunal sought to decide whether it was appropriate to impose a penalty of £6,632.01 for ‘careless behaviour’.

Tribunal’s Decision

While the tribunal did not delve into the details of the R&D claim, it focused on whether the penalty was justified. The judge criticised HMRC’s assertion that the mere existence of an inaccuracy indicated careless behaviour. Instead, the tribunal sought evidence to ascertain whether H&H had taken reasonable care in engaging professional advice. The judge ruled in favour of H&H, noting that the taxpayer had acted prudently by relying on competent advisers experienced in submitting R&D tax relief claims.

Download the Judgment Here

HMRC’s Blanket Approach

This case reflects HMRC’s tendency to adopt a blanket approach to penalties, particularly evident in its handling of R&D enquiries. The Chartered Institute of Taxation highlighted HMRC’s aggressive stance in an open letter, prompting HMRC to defend its position. However, cases like H&H’s suggest discrepancies between HMRC’s rhetoric and its actual practices.

Impact on Taxpayers

HMRC’s aggressive pursuit of penalties can burden taxpayers with significant time and financial costs, often leading them to accept penalties to conclude matters swiftly. This approach can adversely affect legitimate businesses, impacting their operations and viability. Moreover, HMRC’s aggressive tactics contribute to additional uncertainty and costs for clients involved in the dispute resolution process.

HMRC’s Response and Future Steps

While HMRC acknowledges shortcomings in penalty assessments, its standard approach persists. Further training for staff is underway, but questions linger over whether the default position stems from misunderstanding, overzealousness, or revenue-raising motives.

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